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Retaining wall on the border of Lake Superior

As a kid one of my favorite vacations with my family with the yearly trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit my Grandmother's cottage and spend a week relaxing and having a good time. In August of 2007 I went back there for an immediate family reunion (since I now live in Florida) and decided to take a walk down the beach with my camera. What I found buried in the sand was amazing. Because of the effects of erosion a lot of man made items were pushed down the small cliff to the beach to keep the ground from eroding away.

Also, behind my great-uncle's barn were a few remnants from a time when fishing on Lake Superior was a livelihood.


Boat winch 3Engine parts on the beach 2Aqua car in retaining wall of Lake Superior

1. The boat winch behind the barn.

2. Boat winch up close

3. Another view of the boat winch

4. On the beach wall - a broken chimney

5. Blue car from the side

6. Blue car from the front

7. Blue car's trunk

8. One more from the side

9. Red car crushed under some huge boulders

10. An engine buried in the sand - top view

11. Engine - side view with a car bumper in the background

12. Upside-down car with tire (duh!)

13. Drive shaft

14. Another engine

15. Engine from the side with Lake Superior in the background

16. Engine detail

17. Another blue car

18. The front end and bumper of another car

19. The two engines and car bumper

20. A valve of some sort? Honestly, I'm not a mechanic, but I thought the sand and object inside the valve was neat. [ETA: I've been informed that this is a steering gearbox.]

21. I honestly have no idea on this one, but the circular gear on the right looks like it would've held the drive belts under the hood of a car. [I've been told this is a rear brake drum.]

22. Light blue rusted car crushed to bits under all the rocks

23. A wider shot of the light blue car

24. The hood and steering wheel of the green car

25. A yellow/green car in the retaining wall

26. A close-up of the yellow/green car

27. A red car also crushed to pieces under the boulders

28. A discarded stove

29. A wider shot of the stove

All pictures taken with a KODAK C875 EasyShare camera.
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