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The basic history of the place can be found here, which is how I found out about it in the first place. I was about to head on a road trip from Orlando to Maryland, and was looking for interesting places to stop along the way (I might do South of the Border in a separate post, as in many ways that is sadly becoming an abandoned place)

Sadly, even though the signs professed otherwise, the place was closed when we got there, possibly due to flooding, as it looked like many of the footpaths were under water. We could still see a couple of the dinosaurs and some of the park through the fence though, so I did the best I could with pics with my small Casio and crappy zoom. Had it been open, I could have gotten lost in here for hours; it was absolutely beautiful.

This is one of the dinos we saw. It looked headless at first, but we finally found an angle where we could see the head. A strange monument out of time, especially with the vegetation -

Here's a side view -

Some pics of the old sugar mill there -

I think they were running a little behind on the renovation, considering this photo was taken on 5/24/09 (prob ran out of money). It was clear however that someone was taking care of the place, as the grass was mown -

Some things just lying outside the fence -

Further down, chain link and iron fence were replaced with this wall -

And the second dino. This is the best pic I could get, as it was far away. Look close - it's very small and close to the ground, just to teh left and behind the large tree in the foreground, and below the large ferny plant. I know it's just a trick of the digital zoom, but I like the way this turned out, as it looks to me almost like a ghost.


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