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Abandoned places around the Birmingham Canal Navigation

I have been cycling on the canals round Birmingham for a few years now but only recently started exploring the canals heading west out of the city. Most of the old warehouse, collieries and factories have been pulled down and redeveloped in the last few years but I found a few things and thought I would post them. Thanks.

I have no idea what these are but they were abandoned next to the canal.
This is an old abandoned gauging station in the middle of the New Main Line.

All that is left of this old warehouse is the wall along the canal. Blue skies visible where the roof should be.

This is the entrance to an old abandoned canal loop. The New Main Line is a straight very engineered canal connecting Birmingham and Wolverhampton. It replaced the Old Main Line canal which was a looping canal following contours and with several locks. Where the new canal and the old canal intersect the old canal is left as loops. most of the remaining loops are still navigable but this one seems to be completely abandoned. The abandoned partly filled in loop is visible on live maps at this link

I climbed to the top of the embankment to get a photo of the canal but found this at the top. A low wall then a deep Haha and a high wall beyond.

What you cannot see is that it is full of old rusty metal and mud that looks like you would sink up to your neck.

So I waved my camera as high as I could to see above the wall and got this.

Which I think is pretty good.
I have found some other old abandoned canal arms elsewhere in the city so I might try the randomly waving the camera in the air technique again.
I need to find a way to get to the canal loop and get some better pictures.

Directly opposite the entrance to this abandoned canal is the filled in entrance to another old abandoned loop.

Hope you enjoyed my photos. I would welcome any feedback.
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