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more Indiana

The 27th I decided to go house hunting. It was my birthday, so I thought I'd go out and play. I haven't taken any abandoned photos in a long time. I drove right past this place but out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the roof through the trees.

Turned around, found a place to stash my car and hiked though waist high weeds and sticky mud and wondered if it was even worth it.

At first I thought I'd have to turn around because how thick the wall of green was around this place.

The growth around the place is SO thick that the inside of the house is in shadows. Once out of the wall of green it was a MEGA sunny day. It was like stepping into late evening. It was weird.

Moving On

This place scared me. I don't know why either because I've rummaged around some really creepy places even more out in the middle of no where than this place. However once I was inside my skin crawled. I couldn't bring myself to open any closets. My stomach hurt, and my nerves were totally on edge. Any little noise made me jump a mile and I cut my exploring by more than half and got the feck out. I don't know why, there was no one in there anywhere around. I was just so uneasy I was sick. Once I got back into the sunlight I was fine. Just really REALLY weird.

Moving On
That's about all you could see of this place was the truss.

All the growth that surrounded this place was clear above the windows.
number  two

remember to wash your hands

one load of darks

paint it blue-

old mother hubberd

dinner dishes are forever

not a fan of the wallpaper here

its a jungle out there

just dont make them like that anymore

thats a big window

have a seat Sir.

feed me seymour

in the other room

you were saying?

its dark in here

I had to fight my way inside.
someone open a window please

exit to eden

wall of green

green moving in

wicker man


fresh from the tap

I love rust.
pipe dream

rinse cycle

Green was eating this place bit by bit.
green blinds

You can see my trail.
natures hideaway

Then get away from the area and WHOOOSH! Sunlight.
there once was a house

Originally I wanted to explore more. Go though the sheds, there were several behind the house plus a large garage. I couldn't though, I just had to leave.

That's all, thanks for looking!
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