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Riding Stables at Overhills

I posted about a week or so ago with pictures from the Rockefeller vacation home in the Overhills community near Ft Bragg, NC. That home is one of very many buildings on that property, now owned by the US Government :( However, it is free to those with a fishing permit because there is a lake also on the land. In this post I will show some of the other pictures that we took while visiting. & yesterday we ventured down another trail & found even more places that we are yet to get pictures of... Its amazing how much history has been here the whole time I've lived here that we never knew about.

This series of pictures are of the riding stables that are located on the grounds. One of my favorite buildings on the property. Hope you enjoy!

Enjoy the pictures & if you'd like more information check out:
& there is also a book that covers the history of Overhills as a whole: Overhills by Jeffrey D. Irwin & Kaitlin O'Shea
One of two stables found at "The Hill"

What the Riding Stable looked like in the early 90s or so.

Pulling up closer to the entrance.

Isn't it sad how grown up & run down this place is now?!?

The stables, again in the early 90's or so, & the stable handler.

I'd love to own these stables

Inside one of the stalls.

Grain distributor?!? Not sure.

Blacksmith quarters?

I can just imagine them all still hanging there.

Can't see it in this picture but some are tagged with names.

Just a storage cabinet.

Closet under the stairs that lead to the handler's quarters.

The creepy looking stairs.

One room of the handler's living quarters.

Left side of the kitchen upstairs.

Right side of the kitchen.

Heading back downstairs.

That door up there is my favorite part of the stables.

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