Geordie (geordie) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Manhattan, NV.

The Nye and Ormsby County Bank branch in Manhattan, NV was built in 1906. Unfortunately that was the same year as the big quake in San Francisco and the funds for developing the area dried up... so it closed in 1907.

No telling how long the vault stayed closed before someone burned through the side door. You can see a big piece of plate is missing.

The doors are quite ornate and there was another set of steel doors inside of these. You can actually see a more complete version in a yarn store in Mendocino on the California coast. Since the safe and doors were made in San Francisco there's a reasonable chance that they are the same in both banks.

The safe stands open, nothing but dust inside. I guess it was left this way since there's no sign of damage. The door still swings freely on its hinges. I didn't lock it. The outer door is gone, nothing left but the hinges.

Outside, just 25 yards away, is yet another mine. These mines, often unmarked holes, are everywhere in these hills. It's a dangerous place to take a walk.


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