Geordie (geordie) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Currant, NV

You'll often hear that US 50 is the lonliest highway in America, but that's complete BS. US 6 doesn't get a tenth of the traffic that 50 does. While we were taking these pictures only one car passed by in more than half an hour. On 50 there's a car every few minutes. I first drove this way in 2005 and probably passed three other cars between Ely and Tonopah. That's 172 miles. There are very few motorcycles on this road, I have only ever seen them in company with other vehicles, the gas stations are too far apart. Currant used to provide a stepping stone near the half way point, but the owners closed up in the late 90s and never came back. Year after year nothing changes, I don't have a picture but there's the dried up remains of a final meal still sitting on one table. Not even bugs and animals have disturbed this place.

No more home cooking, regardless of what the sign says.

No room at the inn either, though there's nobody staying there. I wondered if it would be cool to stay here, but we didn't think it would be right to touch anything.

Though the beds are still made up in most of the rooms. That pepsi tin has been standing there, undisturbed, for three years that I can vouch for.

I guess the old farm machinery was originally to make it more decorative and friendly, but now it's just rusting in front of the motel.

Out behind the restaurant there's a store room containing old video games...

and spare tableware. I didn't investigate the contents of those tubs though. I'd hate to think there was something organic that has been cooking for 13 years.

The kitchen has seen better days (and I forgot to take the lens hood off, but no help for that now).

Some of the commercial equipment is quite valuable and in good repair, but this place is so remote and so quiet that nobody touches anything and nobody could without being noticed. We tried to be clear that we were strictly looking and not touching.

Some of the bottles on the bar still contain booze, remnants of a last party perhaps? The calendar on the wall says 1996 and the inspection stickers on the hotel office are even older. At some point some idiot paintballer made his presence known, but that's really the only sign of damage.

Nothing behind the bar either. But most things still left where they lay when the last owner walked away.

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