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Abandoned Birmingham, UK

These are a follow up to the photos of abandoned parts of the Birmingham canal network I posted a few weeks ago.
Birmingham Mainline Canal

Birmingham Mainline Canal
This is part of the Birmingham Main Line Canal with the abandoned entrance to an old private wharf under the bridge (and what looks like another one bricked up next to it).
I found a road that crosses the old Cape Loop Arm canal and took these photos from the bridge. I cannot find a way of getting to the canal (at least one I have got the nerve to use on my own).
CApe Loop Arm
The factory site on the left looks abandoned but the entrance gates were very secured. I got some close ups of the pipework from the bridge.
And this one
Valve on the pipe

And the building over the canal
More pipes
The bridge I took these from also had other abandoned structures. This is looking into an old factory which now mostly is demolished and some of it being used as a coach park. Even the temporary replacement struscture inside seems abandoned.
Pipe outside derelict building
I followed the roads around the old canal arm looking for a way to get some better shots. Most of the old factories backing on to the canal are shut down now and most look very secure. There was one that looked as though it might get me to the canal but frankly I lost my nerve.
I did get some shots of this old factory which is near the canal.
The entrance.

Derelict factory gatehouse
Inside the factory
Derelict factory

Derelict factory

Derelict factory
The gates (and my bike).
Derelict factory gates

That's all folks.
More photos to follow.
Please let me know what you think.
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