Celtic Coyote (drkaos) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Celtic Coyote

Santa Lucias Ghost Mines

The following are a few photos from the Misplaced Places expedition to the Lost City of the Santa Lucias and the Los Burros mines in South Monterey County, California. Manchester, the Lost City, was a small gold mining town of 350 or so people in the late 1800s. Although some gold was found, the extraction was never enough to make anyone's fortune and the town eventually failed. Sometime in the 1970s the last standing buildings were razed to the ground in the Los Padres fire, but a few foundations and the cemetery are still out there, somewhere in the brush.

The mine shafts and equipment are plentiful in the hills, although finding them can be difficult as they're mostly very overgrown. There are still some folks working hobby claims in the hills as well; we didn't disturb them. Although we never did find the remains of Manchester, or it's lost graveyard, considering the density of the manzanita, madrone and poison oak, I suspect no one ever shall.

Smashed car that fell off the cliff-side road into the area.

Closeup of the ruined car.

Red iron saturated water, seeping from an abandoned shaft.

An ore flue, perhaps?

Unknown mining equipment.

Maker's stamp on the unknown mining equipment.

A huge driveshaft of some sort, perhaps a hyro-drill.

A diagonal mineshaft.

A more vertical mineshaft.

Scattered rusted metal debris of unknown purpose.

An antique winch. The cable leads to a collapsed shaft, now overgrown.

Maker's mark on the winch.

Panorama of the Santa Lucias mountains.

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