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Abandoned Places – Madison Wander (Apr 09)

In late April, between the many storms that hit the region, we went out on several wanders to see what we could. Along a major thoroughfare were several sites points out to us by friends so off we went.

The Farm
Near to a major shopping area was another site we’d been directed to. It was a large family farm that was almost invisible from the main road, though easily seen from the parking lot of a nearby business. The site was nothing less than beautiful, surrounded by blooming trees, vines and flowers.

The various items around the farm indicated a once happy and active family lived here


Swings (16’/5m tall supports)

A pool

Activision! (1980’s era game console)

The barn and shed – overgrown

A different view of the barn

The shed (home to wood bees)

A pump shed – full of bees and such

We couldn’t even get to this shed through the undergrowth

Speaking of undergrowth and bees

Inside shots next week!
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