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Tat Bank Canal

As part of my ongoing project of visiting the more obscure (and abandoned) parts of the Birmingham Canal Navigations system I visited the Tat Bank Branch this week.
The canal leaves the Titford canal at the Titford Pumphouse and the first part of the canal is used for moorings. The rest of the canal is unnavigable. The first part of the unnavigable section is still in water but has no accessible towpath; the second part is dry and has been sealed off with a dam. 
I found a part of the canal that still has the towpath along side it next to a chemical works (which also looks abandoned) and a tube factory. The security guard at the factory car park let me in when I asked if I could get some photos (but clearly thought I was bonkers).
This is a section of the disused canal next to the chemical factory.

Another view of the disused canal and factory.

Close up of pipes on the factory. I really like these.

I love the way these pipes look like a crop of Chinese mushrooms.


More Chinese mushrooms.

And a closer image of the pipes.

At the end of this section of the canal is a dam sealing off the rest. You can see it as the concrete structure under the bridge with a sluice gate.

Looking down from the bridge onto the dam.

The other side of the bridge.
The canal here is dry and completely filled in and overgrown.

I cycled round the roads with my OS map to find the other end of this completely abandoned section and nearly missed it.

Where the fence is broken at the left hand edge of the fence you can get into the old section of canal but to get any further would require a machete and skin like rhino hide to get through all those nettles.

On my way to look for the other end of the canal I passed a lot of other abandoned buildings and factories. I only stopped to get a photo of this one as I liked the way the evening sun reflected off the cracked windows. Obviously whoever built this building knew that windows are seen as targets in Oldbury as they must have put reinforced glass in so most of it is cracked and not broken. Not many good throwing arms in Oldbury if they are only reaching the first floor.

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