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Abandoned factory in southern Michigan

I've been visiting this place for a long time now. Until very recently, I haven't had a camera. But last week, some friends and I grabbed our cameras and ventured, once again, into the old stone fortress.
This post is VERY IMAGE HEAVY, please be aware of that.

This is the first room you see upon entering. There is broken glass all over the floor from the overhead lights that exploded long ago. There are also many tiny plastic beads in red, blue, and purple... used to make shopping carts.

My friends called this "The Creepy Room". It's just a little office room with some peeling paint. There were punch cards and inventory slips still left in one of the boxes.

The area of the ground level floor.

There's a little room to the left of this hall, slightly higher than the other rooms. I'm not sure what it used to be, but now it's an excellent lookout.

Let's go upstairs to the top floor, shall we?

This is the stairwell, I'm looking down into it from the top.
Here is the view of the other parts of the factory from the top floor.

It's a lot higher up than it looks. Not super high, but a couple of stories, at least. This place is so beautiful during the winter.
Anyway, onto the top floor:

That green room behind the wall is a bathroom!

The top floor was covered in trash and debris. Clothing, food wrappers, even a phonebook from the 80's! There was a nest of birds in one of the corners, and one flew out and really scared us! There was also an elevator shaft with no elevator in it, just a loooong, wide drop down to the basement. I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to heights, so I didn't get anywhere near it. Sorry! Maybe someone else did and I can post pics of it later.

Back downstairs and onto the manufacturing wing!

It's right through that little green door!

Whoa! I hadn't been to this portion of the factory since winter when it was all snow and ice, and when I came upon it, I didn't realize that it was covered in WATER. My eyes were playing tricks on me and for a moment I sincerely thought that it just dropped off into nothingness. But I regained my bearings and ventured out into the inch-deep puddle.

Please excuse the crappy photo. This door, as you can see, is sealed shut. The water was flowing out from under it... pretty rapidly. One of my companions speculated a pipe burst.

This portion was mostly devoted to the actual equipment and power tools and stuff. There was some machined left, but much of it had been gutted. Safety posters lined the walls and there were worker's gloves all over the floor. Just above this spherical thing was a ladder leading into a vast upper room with no windows. The round thing itself was at least 20 feet in the air, so the ladder was even higher. I wasn't tall enough to use the ladder, but a (much braver) companion of mine climbed up and told me that this huge overhead room was where the bulk of the machinery was being stored. There are no pictures of it because it's pitch black. Even with a flash, it could only penetrated about 7 feet into the darkness.

Back outside...

And down the loading ramp into the basement!

There was nothing down here but an old detergent bottle. It was hard to get pictures because it was almost pitch black and below the ground. Some of my friends didn't like the smell, but I loved it. It was driving me crazy, I would bottle it and sell it as a men's fragrance. It smelled cold and dusty and musty and earthy and absolutely beautiful.

Going outside again. There was a narrow path between two stone walls that I doubt was there originally, but made a fine exit.

Aaaaand we're back!
This part of town is really beautiful. The only way to get to this place, really, is through an old cemetery that is all but deserted. Pretty cool!
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