Elena Barbarich (yamiloo) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Elena Barbarich

Abandoned House, Hidden Poetry

This is my first post to this community, and hopefully not the last!  I've recently moved to Brussels, Belgium, and have taken it upon myself to visit some less-beaten paths in the small woods nearby.  Today I went back to an abandoned house I had found on a hidden trail near my house. I had seen it before in my explorations, but never had the courage to go inside (I was always afraid some homeless people and/or scary drug addicts might live inside) but it was thankfully quite empty.

Here are some photos I took as I approached. I wanted to document the excursion, in case I was found dead a few days later.
DSC00965 DSC00966 DSC00967

Upon, entering the house, I had the sudden nostalgic feeling of playing one of those horribly irritating text-based computer adventure games, where every action must be indicated by commands such as "enter door" and "look around" and nearly all of these options ended with a) boredom and puzzlement/ b) sudden death and a need to restart the entire game. I decided to pick my actions very carefully.

I looked around. The floor was littered with all manner of... well, litter. Chunks of what I presume used to be bits of house, trash, leaves and natural debris. Judging by the grafitti, a lot of would be "punk" teens had been there to drink and pretend they were cool. DSC00968 DSC00969

To my left, I noticed that a stolen metal barrier had been propped against the wall as a makeshift ladder. Against my better judgment, I climbed up to explore the upper level.

DSC00971 DSC00972

It was actually quite pretty. There was something really beautiful about looking up through the torn, half-destroyed roof and seeing only sun and leaves. I can only imagine what it looks like at night. I wish I could say the same for the actual interior, it housed two filthy mattresses and the dirtiest blanket I've ever seen in my life. I batted a cloud of mosquitoes and gnats as I tentatively moved forward to peer into the other room. It was dark and so covered with garbage I didn't even bother stepping in, but took a photo from what was left of the doorway. DSC00975 DSC00974 DSC00976 DSC00977

Perhaps my favorite bit of all was the interesting bit of grafitti I found on the wall as I made a short video using my mom's phone:

Abandoned House, Hidden Poetry from Yamino on Vimeo.

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