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Kreepy Kabins

Was driving today between Rochester NY and Niagara Falls NY on the 104.  A quiet and genuinely rural road.

Came across a half dozen or so pre-WWII cabins arranged around the burned down remains of an office. Still smelled ashy. The place seems to have been out of action for some time. The property was weedy and beat up and the cabins looked pretty creepy. Unfortunately I stopped in to take pictures at the exact same time the property owners showed up to post the place 'no trespassing.' (Litigation-terrified Yankees! They spoil all the fun!) If the place was so friggin' precious why'd they let it go to seed & flame?

In the best tradition of Livejournal Urban Decay & Abandoned Places and Canadians abroad I was of course deferential and polite and moved on. Also, I was in sandals and shorts, not the best get up for exploring the tatty, weedy, scabby, (possibly) tick-infested and tetanus-inducing remains of a tourist court.  Anyway, here is what I did get...



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Looks like the office had some Art Deco touches?

Yup, good place to keep an abduction victim until her Stockholm Syndrome sets in fully.

Except for the lack of a pool you can picture Lolita and her travelling companion stopping in, back in the day.
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