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Pine Valley Lodge House

Thats the front side.. I couldnt get the whole thing in one shot.. This property is owned by the State of Colorado Forestry Division. Back in the 40's or 50's??? Not sure cuz its been years since I've read the placque on the gazebo below it.. But A very rich man from out east somewhere set out west with 100 of his buddies to build a castle in the mountains.. The government ended up seiseing the property and it is off limits.. The house is inhabited by hundreds of bats.. I got the opportunity to put the roof on it 10 years ago and my roof still looks good.. I musta seen 25 bats a day crawling out from inside that roof while I was working on it.. Ya cant get any closer to the house these days cuz its all fenced off.. its incredible tho..
This is the front door..
And this is the back door..
And down below.. (Its got a nice little path that walks up from a giant parking lot below it and this is approaching it from that parking lot..
BATS!!! Nobody lives here but BATS!!!
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