Amanda (fish_go_pook) wrote in abandonedplaces,


Does anyone have photos of the inside of Poveglia's asylum? I'm dying to see some, please help!

"Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy.
During Roman times it was used to isolate thousands of plague victims, and during the three occasions when the Black Death spread through Europe, the island was effectively used as a lazar house and plague pit—it was considered an efficient way of keeping the infected people separated from the healthy. It is believed that over 160,000 people died on the island throughout its history.[citation needed]
The island was home to a small community until it was abandoned around 1380, during the War of Chioggia between Venice and Genoa. In 1922, a mental hospital was built on the island. Local lore states that a particular mental health doctor tortured and killed many of the patients, before being thrown to his death from a bell tower.[citation needed] According to that same legend, he survived the fall, but was 'strangled by a mist that came up from the ground'. Its ruins remain to this day.
Today, the island is used for farming (primarily vineyards) and is not open to tourists. It has been featured on the show Scariest Places On Earth. The island is said to be haunted."
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