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Abandoned veterinary laboratory

In the building till some time there were the various exhibits, the alcoholized insects and the animals who are exposed to various experiences, different banks, bottles e.t.c. Soon after the publication in one newspaper the most dangerous things have taken out, however have left to stand a building almost unprotected and with presence of everyone medical things. By the end of summer it has been cleared away and now is reconstructed. More low presented photos a time interval of the beginning of last summer.

чала прошлого лета.


With after-Revolution times here there is a laboratory belonging before
To all-Union institute of experimental veterinary science (VIEV) and transferred
Some years ago Mos-HpO "Radon".
These one and a half hectare of park have departed to "Radon" after
In ВИЭВ the commissions extremely disturbed by presence at the local have become constant visitor
Bowels not only the Siberian ulcer, but also object not less dangerous -
The preserved storehouse of a radioactive waste. For "Radon",
Specialising on radiating protection, presence Siberian ulcer has appeared
The big surprise. The puzzled management, having learnt a post factum about what
The inheritance has got, has requested veterinary surgeons and has received that asked, -
Laboratory VIEV studying as the cattle transfers radiation.
Victim of experiments are based there and then, their communal grave - concreted
Hole with the hill.

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