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The Amalgamated Sugar Company

White Satin/The Amalgamated Sugar Co. in Loveland, CO.

After a ridiculous amount of research, I can't find anything about the history of this place. All we know is that it was once a sugar factory, and the trains that go through town once ran beside it on a regular basis. Now these tracks are overgrown, and we may be purchasing the property half of the factory sits on to use the old silos for storage space.

I plan on returning with better shoes in the near future, and perhaps sneaking onto the half of the factory that I couldn't get to last time.

Step outside...

One of the many doors to this wing of the factory.

Next door there is a train engine restoration place. They use these once-functional tracks to store a giant engine.

The view from the tracks.

Next time, my father and I will be using this bridge to cross over to the part of the factory that doesn't rest on our property. It does hold people, after all these years, but I'm scared to find out exactly what lives in there now.
For all 88 photos in full size, you can check out my Flickr account.

I'll post more photos when I next visit the property! 

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