Christopher (scream4noreason) wrote in abandonedplaces,



Yesterday while coming home I noticed a handyman's van parked in the grounds of the building so being the new local busybody I went looking for him to get some more info.

I told him what happened with the police and the council and the police must have got onto it.The handyman said he wasn't the owner but had just landed the contract to completely renovate and restore the entire building!! It was happening soon but in the meantime he had to just maintain the security of the building, and move the fireplaces which had been dragged about the building back to the rooms they had been pulled out of! I got his number to alert him in future to any break-ins or vandalism.

However, the building being restored "Soon" could be anyime considering it's been boarded up for three years. With the local paper coming to do a story on it today that might shed some more light.

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