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The Bennett School for Girls

The Bennett School For Girls

Built in 1890 as a resort, this building was quickly changed to the
"Bennett Finishing School For Young Women" in 1900.
Constructed primarily in wood and stone, the structure has an elegant Victorian style.
Ornate wood still adorns the corners and peaks,
reminding passers by that it once stood with dignity upon it's hilltop.

The Bennett School specialized in the teachings of fine arts
and language for young women, most of which were the daughters of industrialists,
bank presidents, and other "well-to-do" people of the time.
The kind of school that had afternoon tea...

In the 1950's the school expanded from a 2-year, to a 4-year university.
These additions and expanded curriculum only delayed the inevitable,
and Bennett closed it's doors for good in 1977.
A victim of the times perhaps, and thus a victim of itself.

*The following photos were taken during both summer and autumn*

Once again, video filmed by Christina,
edited by me.

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