pegasus2o5 (pegasus2o5) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned House in South Carolina

I drove by this house every day for a week while pet-sitting for a co-worker, I finally had to stop and take pictures of it. It was right next to a fire station, which on one hand made me nervous about getting caught, but on the other hand made me feel safer about being in this abandoned place... Anyway nothing happened. The place is actually for sale, has a sign and everything. Talk about a fixer-upper.

Check out the bricks falling off the chimney:

The whole porch and front walk were covered in these brambles. I was wearing sandals and got a whole crop of tiny thorns in my toes.

Another shot of the brambles. See that blue thing on the doorknob? The house had a security system. Which is why I didn't even step onto the porch, much less try to get inside.

I couldn't stop staring at this fan. The whole house seemed so depressed.

What first caught my eye from the road: This astonishingly sad flag-banner thing. If they were hoping to attract buyers with this, they should have given up three or four years ago.

The back porch. Looks like maybe they kept some kind of pet there?

The side door. Someone needs to tell the bramble vines about the security system.

I got pics of another place right down the road from this, a house that apparently burned. I'll post that later, along with the Tale of the Red Bugs. Peace and happy house hunting!

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