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These pictures were taken just outside of Trona, CA. Trona is a tiny desert town 30 miles northeast of Ridgecrest.. pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The road to Trona is narrow and riddled with potholes and deserted, which definitely sets a certain mood for the trip. Trona itself is mostly abandoned. This trip was actually a split-second decision made as the sun was setting so we (myself, inneedofescape, and her boyfriend who also took pictures) didn't get a lot of exploration time but we did take some pictures of a "neighborhood" right on the outskirts.. basically two houses that were inhabited (but barely looked it..) surrounded by abandoned houses. I joked that the natives would run out and chase us off with rifles but all they did was wave to us from their houses while a huge dog watched us from a makeshift chickenwire-fenced yard.

Prior to us coming here, we had made a day of exploring a nearby abandoned prison in Boron.. pictures of that trip will be posted tomorrow maybe.

The neighborhood

Floor tile.. I thought it was too charming!

Searles dry lake bed in the background. This picture does not do the area justice.. it's quite beautiful in a strange, desolate way.

An old Jeep radio! I have two Jeeps (one new) so this made me happy!

An old, rusted.....something

Moving on to the next house...but then my batteries died!

After reloading new batteries.. we wandered to check out a nearby shed

One of the factories in Trona.
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