April 27th, 2004

  • sierra

Recently-Abandoned School

A few weeks ago, I drove around, and reached the small town of Wayne, Ohio (population of around 900 to 1,000). I saw an old mill, and an old schoolhouse, and took pictures, and drove around town. I spotted a sign saying, "Schoolhouse Road", and turned on it. I saw the school ahead, and just KNEW that it was abandoned, because the building seemed old, and the town was pretty small.

Sure, enough, the sign announced it was abandoned. I took more pictures, and figured out the fate of the school.

I bought ice cream in town, and the cashier told me a little about the school: Her father (whom I assume is at least in his late 50s to mid-60s, based on the age of the cashier), went there, and there were only about 160 kids in the school. The school closed in February, when the district combined the three elementaries and built a new one in a nearby town.

It makes me wonder what it will be like for the kids, who knew everyone, and probably had the same classmates since kindergarten. Likely, many had parents or even grandparents who went to the same school. Now, they are going to a school with no history, that's about three times the size, and a third of their classmates will be strangers.

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