May 2nd, 2004


Hi there!

new to this community thing..anyway to get the ball rolling here's an account of my UE group's trip to West Park asylum in Epsom, England. It's been abandoned for about 8 years now, and there is plenty to see. Hope what follows is a good description of the place.

West Park trip 16/04/04

Corridoor in Anderson Block

Our second trip to West Park was a hurried affair. It was my last full day at home before returning to University, and we had planned a whistle stop tour of our two favourite abandoned asylums - West Park in Epsom, and our 'local', Basingstoke's Park Prewett - while the group was still together. The titan drinking session we had planned for the evening, which functioned as a cross between a going away party and an early celebration of my 21st birthday, lengthened the day further.
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