September 21st, 2004

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I don't know if many people are still watching this lj community or not, but I stumbled across it while adding mental asylums to my interests. It's a great community from what I have seen thus far and I hope to contribute to it. I have done what could be termed a mild bit of 'urban spelunking' but unfortunately without a camera. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. I come from Memphis and we have a lot of neat little places that could be photographed and explored, but it is really hard to do so with gangs and whatnot taking up these spaces and hindering entering them for a look just as much as the police do. Though there are a couple of guys that were interviewed this year by the Memphis Flyer that got into some of the places I'd kill to see, like an abandoned veteran's hospital. They mainly do their runs at night and have a load of special equipment with them to see things. I forget if the issue that was in had pictures of some of the places, but it might could be searched up on the web. The same local free press also did an article on the 'big empties' of Memphis. Not much, but it listed a few deserted places that look like they would be fun to go through.

I looked to make sure it may not have been suggested before, but did not see it, so I will post it here. A link to a very nice webiste with tons of photographs of abandoned asylums: They have changed up their page a bit since the last time I looked at it.

Anyways, I hope to be able to contribute something soon. Don't really have a method to post pictures that's convenient and easy to do right now.
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