October 7th, 2004


Royal Insurance Building, Liverpool UK

There is a beautiful abandoned building in Liverpool City Centre which I am in love with. It was built in 1903 by J. Francis Doyle and was owned by the Royal Insurance Company. I don't know the details, but its no longer in use, which is a real shame. If I was rich, i'd have to turn it into my home. Anyway, here are some pictures.

If you look behind the gates, you can see inside the building and some sort of upper tier.

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Hey, I'm the new guy here, I just joined lastnight. I'm a big fan of the post apocalypse genre of movies, and the general look of decay and abandonment that goes with the settings of those movies.

Currently I'm working in a haunted house which is being held in an old hotel which has been closed down for the last ten years. Like has been said before about all the other good abandoned places, its in the not so nice part of town.
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