October 11th, 2004


dude... this community... wow
im in love with the fact that other people love abandoned buildings enough to make a community about it
i used to break into abandoned houses alot.. and also there was this awesome abandoned bank with an inside balcony and all the desks from the bank left in it... but now its being made into a mall or something lame... :( sucks alot... but yeah im just showing you i actually do care about what this community is about... kus alot of people dont do that
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also by khohen1

staten island monestary

hey everyone. i've been a long time lurker here but i don't think i've ever posted. i finally got bored enough to scan a bunch of pictures into my computer tonight, and i found these ones that i took of the staten island monastery last year. it's property of wagner college, which is the school that i go to. it used to be an all boys school but was abandoned in the 60's. now it just sits there. people from school used to go over there and drink, which is completely stupid considering that there are holes in the floors. anyway, there was a frat party over there sometime last year and they ended up catching part of it on fire. that's when the nypd and the school cracked down and bricked up all of the entrances. sadly, i don't have pictures of some of the coolest rooms on the inside. but here's what i do have.

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