October 26th, 2004

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forgive the shocking quality of some pictures. I dared not stay in there too long due to numerous asbestos hazzard warnings so snapshots are all you get this time. next time we're going in prepared

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Hello World

I'm not sure if I've posted an intro here, so if I haven't consider this my way of saying "Hello."

These are some pictures of a place that is said to have been an old pickle factory here in town. There are a few stories behind it, but I'm not sure which one(s) to believe. Then again, sometimes the truth behind the stories doesn't matter. It's the "oooh, ahhh" heebie jeebies ya get while walking in these places thinking of those stories that makes it that much more entertaining and worth it.

Though I've never stepped foot inside this building (have yet to have a companion to do so), I love to go look at it at all hours of the day or night and feel the area's energy.

Ok, so enough babble. Here's the pics:

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