November 30th, 2004

Some Pictures

Here are some pics I took today behind the auto-tech building at school. Its not abandoned, but there are several abandoned vehicles there. At one time they were donated to the school to use as practice vehicles, but over the years they have been disassembled and never really put back together and now their hulks just sit and rot behind the building. The welding shop is also in the same building so I took a few pics of scrap metal that they have discarded behind the shop.

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I'm kinda new to photography so the pictures aren't too great, I was also using a $20 digital camera which gives the low resolution in some of them. I'd like some pointers on how to take better pictures so feel free to offer any constructive criticism you have.

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Not sure if you'll be interested in this cos it's in the UK (lotta you seem to be in the US :-( ) but this page has a whole bunch of pictures, maps, descriptions and histories of abandoned stations on the London Underground - including a printable 'tour guide' if you wanna go try to catch a glimpse of the stations yourself ;-).

If you fancy snooping about on the London Underground, be careful though - a lot of the old 'disused' buildings are actually MoD owned, and messing about in 'em could be pretty nasty for your legal record...
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I live in Washington heights and I love the less explored parts of Fort
Tryon Park, and Riverside park along the Hudson. I've found so many cool
spots and walk-ways.

There is one area I long to explore, but I'm scared. Along the bike path on
the parkway you can see these open doors in a stone wall-- It's around
"Castle Village" co-op in the mid 180s.

Anyone know about these doors?

Anyone want to go with me to find out what's up there?

Several writers have been up there and left their names on the bluff-- it
must be possible.