January 21st, 2005

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Danvers State Hospital

Built in the 1870's as a mental asylum. its is a gorgeous gothic style structure, well actually multiple structures. It was a self contained "city" so to say. It had its own postal code, water tower and many of the employees lived on site. Until just recently when they revamped it the graveyard on site was completly patient based numbers, some of them have names now. It was closed on June 24, 1992 because of budget cuts and increased emphasis on deinstitutionalization. It then became private property around 1995 and there are security staff on hand 24/7.

The hospital is the subject of the movie SESSION 9

There are plans to tear the building down and build housing in its place.

I was only able to take pictures from afar and of the surrounding buildings, i will hopefully in the near future gain access to the full grounds.

The first couple of pictures are pictures I took myself. Any other pictures will be credited by website.

This is a really cool walkway anyone who has seen the movie this is the bottom of the covered stair case

The following are from http://www.abandonedasylum.com/dsh1.html

This one is from http://www.danvers-state-ia.com/home.html

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places in milwaukee, if anyone is interested to look or scope some places out that would be awesome. im anxious to really get started.
I think with all the snow it would be really cool to get some photos.
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