February 2nd, 2005

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I was just discussing my passion for empty and abandoned places this evening, when I stumbled upon this community. I've been walking the empty places since I was a kid - my Dad started me and my sister when we were young.

If anybody has pictures of the Armstrong Cork Warehouse in Pittsburgh, it would bring great memories back to me. I'm now living in Portland, OR, so I'm also looking for some good places to go out here.

On the way out here, I drove with a friend through the southwest, and we stopped at this place. We think it may have once been a restaurant.

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i was just reading through here earlier today and someone posted a link to a site about a certain hospital in massachusetts. but the main site itself had a map of massachusetts with all the hospitals on it.

now i'm searching back through here and can't find it, i was wondering if anyone remembers what i'm talking about and could please repost the link? it'd be much appreciated.


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