March 9th, 2005

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An old friend told me about an old abandoned school she had come across, so I went I found it last year so I could explore. It's Park Place Elementary and is located in Chattanooga, TN. I didn't go inside the building (but REALLY wanted to) because there were no trespassing signs everywhere and the school is located on MLK Blvd, so it was very busy with traffic and I didn't want to get arrested... so the outside is all I could get. :)

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On a different note, does anyone know of any abandoned places in Atlanta, or actually anywhere in or close to Georgia that I could go explore? I'm very interested in finding new places but internet searches aren't helping much. Thanks! :)
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Sunland Hospital - Tallahassee, Florida

First off.. I am new to this community and I must say how awesome it is. I absolutely love abandoned places and the like. Feel free to add me if we seem to have a great deal in common. I <3 meeting new people! Now on with the show...

I just recently moved to Tallahassee, Florida. I had read about Sunland online awhile back and it sparked my interest. Yesterday I decided to do a little bit of exploring. I didn't go inside because of all the warnings I have read about asbestos.. and because it is plain out creepy. I would like to explore inside the building one day however with a small group of people armed with surgical masks. Any partakers would be splendid. I did go across the street to their old warehouse and get some inside photos since doors were open and windows were busted.

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Hope you enjoyed!

Need Some Help

I'm looking for people in southern Iowa to help me out on some abandoned projects. This is volunteer work people. But you will get credit for helping. If interested, send me a comment through here. :-)
I am located over by Oskaloosa
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My school...

...used to be abonded until the staff people of my school found it. I'm totally serious, I saw some pictures of it a few years ago, but sadly I can't get them. ;.; There's one picture of the whole back which is the front boarded up! There was a few things also in a few other pictures. But I don't remember all the stuff, so I thought you guys would like to know. The school has now 'boards' & everything has been redone! ^_^ I'll get pictures for you guys of my school now & ask Mrs. Sharon if I can have a few images of the school before we restored it!

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Hey everyone! I went to the North Hampton State mental hospital a few nights ago with my boyfriend and a friend of mine. This was our second trip there. Well, I think probally the highlight of the night was when we found this:

and right next to that we found this:

The creepiest thing I think about this was that these pictures were taken at the doorway at an angle because NONE of our cameras - perfectly GOOD WORKING cameras, would NOT take pictures in these rooms yet would everywhere else in the building..

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This photo was taken over the weekend in Marshall, Texas. It is located in the Historical Ginocchio District which is home to quite a few historical landmarks such as the Texas and Pacific Depot which has been restored and now functions as a station for daily Amtrak service. Historical Significance is based on the architecture of the homes and buildings in this region which range from architectural styles such as Queen Anne to Spanish Revival. A few notes: It was taken with my camera phone, I didn’t expect to be out taking pictures, we were waiting on a train so I didn’t get to explore too much. Hopefully someone will buy this beauty and fix her up. Sorry no pictures of the house…the stairs are what caught my attention and I was being yelled at to hurry up.

And sorry for all of the history if you’re uninterested, but I am always curious about history.