March 10th, 2005


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i took these photos this past fall at an abandoned insane asylum called central state. it is in indianapolis, about 30 mins. away from me. my friends and i used to drive there and snap photos at night time because we heard it was haunted, but isn't every abandoned building haunted these days? lately, the police have been guarding it pretty heavily, so we haven't had a chance to go back. perhaps this summer we will try our luck again.

anyway, it was pitch black and quite creepy. take a look...

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(from october 7th, 2004)

my boyfriend and i --upon the invitation of his cousin bobby-- took a little trip to the halifax county rehabilitation centre... the former digs of many physically and mentally handicapped individuals. it was built in the 1930s and has sat derelict for over two years (bob, who works as a props guy, had to pick up a few items from the set of the trailer park boys, which was filming nearby.) as i used my sister's digital camera, and most of the photos have been uploaded to her computer, these two will have to serve as a preview until i have access to the others.

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traverse city asylum

a friend and i are heading up sat-tues to try and get some photos of this place. we go with hope. anyone have any (specific or general) asylum entering advice for us?

we've got a great alibi, as we're taking a chihuahua with us and will say that it ran off or something ridiculous and simper like silly schoolgirls if we get caught. but all we know of the ground rules is that there might be some guy in one room that tells us to stay 10 ft away but its fine to wander? the grounds are entirely open for walking so we know we can get near it.

thanks in advance!

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Heyy all, I've posted some pictures here of an abandoned house, and I am currently running out of places to visit :(. Does anyone know if there are any good abandoned sites in the Northern Virginia area? I have an itchy shutter finger and I wanna take some more pics. Thanks!