March 16th, 2005

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I enjoy exploring abandoned places and photographing them very much. i just found this community today.. and i cant wait to post lots of pictures.

i took some polariods the other day at an abandoned school in chesterland, ohio


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i have more photos of this place that arent polariods that i'll post later.. and i have lots of photos of other places. comments are appreciated :)


Mele Mfg. Co. part II

Back in November 04, I ventured out to West Utica for another Mele shoot. This time, I was able to get inside. I was stopped twice but was able to talk my way out of trespass charges by mentioning the name of the demolition contractor whom I'd just met; I'd noted his name on his jacket and just said "Tony sent me to check out some things!". Anyhow, here are some interior shots; hope y'all like...

I DID follow the instructions and entered at my own risk...
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