March 20th, 2005

si dali!

my first post to this wonderful community

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this is an abandoned rural home (to debris and insects) in the small suburb of woodbridge, virginia. i think i focused more on the landscape surrounding the house, than the actually house itself. from these photos it looks a bit haunting, but it's really just a charming abandoned lot where the wind blows the right way through the trees and empty windows.

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Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children

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This hospital was torn down last year but I finally got around to scanning the rest of my photos and putting them up to tell the story of my little jaunt through it. You can find all the photos here.

My main site is here.

The site includes both my artwork involving abandoned institutions and the photos I take when I explore them. Have fun.
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this is the only abandonment pic i've got online currently. now that this community has been brought to my attention, i'll work on getting some more up.

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