March 21st, 2005


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Hey guys, cool community.. Thought I'd throw in the stuff I've got from a recent trip to St. Louis. This is the Armour Meat-packing plant in East St. Louis. has information about the building's history.

left building: right building:
around the side of the building, walking up to the left:
the back of the building covered with ambiguous piping systems and such:
this ladder goes up to an observation deck, where one could manipulate some big pressurized, external tanks:
Most of the rooms are like this one: dark, littered with debris, and very open. No offices or anything, but just big open rooms:
This was a room on the second story, and was very cold and wet. what you're looking at is a section of the room with a fallen pylon and a whole in the wall to the outside world:
A view of the right building from a huge gaping whole in the left building.
a collapsed section of wall that was very frightening but also very cool:
on the third floor, a big empty room that was full of columns and collected water. There was a large hole in the far wall, spilling in light, and a door way to my left from here (not pictured):
Here is the door-- big and heavy. this must've been a freezer for the meat! Doesn't look like I'm able to get over to the other side though, I wonder how far down that hole goes...
Oh dear! What the hell is that cart doing down there, and what caused this huge hole in the floor? :

Around this time, James and I were getting anxious to leave, mostly because we had heard cars driving past in rapid succession, and we were across the street from an operational packing plant, and it was broad daylight on a wednesday. So, after a quick hop downstairs and over to the next builiding, I managed to grab this beauty:

A short walk, {cross posted to a few places}

This afternoon I went for a walk, with a very cruddy digital.
I found myself in a whole new world. Where the grass was 8 ft tall, and the mosquitoes were big enough to ride. There were wild animals and birds everywhere, some making noises in a foreign language that I couldnt' understand.
I was on a historical trail from WWII, there were a few dumped items around, the path hadn't been travelled on for some time.
The grass was all around me, and the path could barely be seen through the undergrowth.
I forged on though, with my journey, though I couldn't see where I was going, or who I would meet on the way. I was lost, I didn't know which way to go, but though I couldn't see, I had the sound of the ocean to guide me.
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I also found another structure. But that will have to wait, until tomorrow.
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