March 25th, 2005

Nothing happens.
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there's an abandoned motel outside of milford, NE. near it there's also an abandoned church and an abandoned one room school full of weird ceramics. i got attacked by a spiderweb.

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These are some pictures of various abandoned mines. They are NOT my pictures; I got them from around the internet and they're not copyrighted or anything. I've always wanted to explore a mine, but not only do I not know of any in my area, they are also extremely dangerous. So, I just collect other people's photos. I thought you might like to see some.

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i went to san francisco for my last break. and i went to this place called the albany bowl
its like.. an abandoned industrial refuse dump filled with a ton of scrap metal and concrete blocks and slabs.. and then a bunch of street artists took it under their wing and make it really beautiful... and its also a place where the homeless live <3 its cute
but i was wondering if anyone know what im talking about and had pics of it?
there are somre really cool abandoned boats on the wharf

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Fire Song

My heart is made of brick
I’m am the fearsome locust
I am the black power cloud
filling your nose and eyes.

The taste of soot
is never sweet
bitter like memories
what ash is made of.

These are the elements
required for life:
water, food, friendship
Arms around you
to hold you tight.
Forget about the fires.

They burned my city.
The sirens keep ringing,
but it won’t go out.
The fire keeps burning
in the dead of night
in the dead of night.


just joined this community, the title alone defines a big part of my interests....

ok, well, here is a project I did last winter/spring..

this is a series i did on a warehouse in albuquerque, New Mexico.

more here:

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