April 22nd, 2005

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sorry for the no picture post, i completely forgot my camera.

i went to Belchertown State School today, and now i just have a couple of questions.
has anyone actually gone in any of the buildings? they look soildly boarded up and we couldn't find an entrance to anything.
are the cops as open to walking the grounds at night then they are during the day? a cop actually gave us directions to find the place and told us briefly where we could find buildings of interest. awesome.

and finally, has anyone been to Grafton State or Gardner State Hospitals and know how I could get there/ how to get in, etc.


Hi, all

I live in Hibbing, MN, and I have found a lot of cool abandoned places around here. There's an old dynamite factory, an iron mine, a condemned church, old farmhouses, and broken down trailer homes with trees growing through them. As soon as I get a memory chip for my camera, I will start posting pics.

Happy hunting, everyone.

Deer ticks are out now, so make sure you check yourselves before going back home. A male deer tic is about as big as the period on the end of one of these sentences, so be careful if your going into heavely wooded areas.

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