May 6th, 2005


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I have been lurking for some time now, so I thought I would contribute some now. I've been on vacation this week, and have taken some really nice shots in both Eastern and Western Colorado (good thing I live in the middle). :) I do not know if anyone here is interested in shots of old western towns (ghost towns), abandoned mining cabins, homesteads, and the like. Take a look at the photo, and you wish to see more, please let me know. There aren't many abandoned places here in Colorado Springs (rather a "new" city in its own right, and almost nothing here is empty). But please let me know what you think of this type of building (in the photo), because I do go in them (when I know they will not fall down on me) and take photos of the insides as well. Some are completely empty, others hold some interesting things left from years gone by. I mostly photograph the buildings from the Gold Rush era (1876-1900). I have a really neat set that I will post when I get back from work later. I just thought this first photo was amusing, as this place is completely in the middle-of-no-where and well.... see the sign. :)

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The Old West

Yep, this is The Old West, for the most part. Many famous movies were filmed just miles from this spot, mostly known was Cat Ballou (1965). They were filmed mostly at "Buckskin Joe's", a **real** ghost-town now, but re-built next to the Royal George years ago, obviously for attention and such. Not much still stands at the original Buckskin Joe's ghost-town site. This place in my photos, I have seen this since I was a child, since my family owns much land in these parts, and have been coming here since the mid 1970's. My Mom says this was once a little town with a gas station, my Dad does not recall it at all really, and my 84-year-old grandpa, I have yet to ask him about it.... but since he has owned land here and hunted these parts for more than 60 years, he can surely tell me something. Just wait until I get some fine photographs of the place where the guy ate dogs for more than 20 years, and one year they decided to eat him. Interesting story. But as for this place, here we go.... (by the way, this thread is more than 8.2 megs, so if you are dial-up, grab something to eat.) :)

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