May 12th, 2005

now I lay me down to sleep

First post!

This is an abandoned haunted house. It was once a family home, the family left soon after one of it's member's hung himself in the attic. It was used as a haunted house by the local fire company. It hasn't been in use for awhile, as you can see from the pictures. I couldn't try to get in today I had my son with me. He was a bit scared knowing we were at "the haunted house".
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oh my god.

I just cannot believe that there are other people out there that are taken with the same thing I am. I always thought this was some bizarre freak interest of mine. I feel like I've come home. Reading the posts and looking at the pictures today has been wonderful, bittersweet and beautifully disturbing.
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To those members that live in Alabama:

My friends and I would like to know of a few more places around the state that are abnadoned that we could possibly explore.

These are the few that we are aware of:

Shipyards a.k.a. the Ingalls Building (Birmingham)
Bryce Hospital (Tuscaloosa)
Old School (Birmingham)
Thermafiber (Birmingham)
Hotel to remain nameless (Birmingham)
most everything in Ensley

anybody got anything else?
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I'm pretty new to the community and haven't posted yet but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about where to explore in or around Chicago. Seems to me the second a building becomes vacant around here a half million dollar condo goes up in its place! Do you find that rural areas are more likely to have abandoned places because property isn't as valuable? I'm dying to take pictures but don't really know where to start!

Southern California?

hi, this is my first post, my name's Cameron, and i'm from Los Angeles (Calabasas to be exact). i might already have the answer to this question, but does anyone know of any interesting abandoned places? much thanks!
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I'm new, a friend reccomended I share some photo's with you, so I hopped over to check it out and fell in love with this place! I've taken a look at some recent entries at the photos are amazing - I think i might have found myself a new hobby, hehe.

So...onto what I have...

There's a church near us with an extensive amount of graveyard behind it. A small portion of the graveyard is well kept and newer (dating about 1950's for the earliest graves), but beyond that, it is unkept, overgrown, and the graves tehre date possibly earlier than 1810 (1810 was the earliest readable gravestone).

It really is abandoned, save for the few people who walk their dogs through the overgrowth (which was how I discovered it).

Note: Some photos are duplicated in black and white, and some are edging towards the more kept up side of the graveyard, where the grass is kept cut short.

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