May 14th, 2005

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Hello, I'm new here. I've had a love for abandoned places of any sort for a long time now. There used to be an old empty storage building I used to go to and found much peace there. Unfortunately they demolished it. There are quite alot of odd abandoned buildings around my area. I'll try to get some pictures if possible. Thank you!

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Today's wanderings

This post is somewhat different from the usual but I think it meets the community criteria. The subject is of human construction, is located in an urban area and has been abandoned for over a century. Moreover, it possesses a rich and colorful history despite its current state. With that, the story:

While conducting research for upcoming explorations, I found a site which described a noted professor's rediscovery of a lock of the Chenango Canal in Utica NY (click here for the site; link opens in a new window). The Chenango Canal, opened in 1837, ran from Binghamton to Utica and was closed in 1878. The overwhelming majority of the canal in Utica was filled in (the Rt. 12 arterial is built over the former canal) but a small section and the remains of one lock exist to this day.

I decided to take the long way in--a mile along an overgrown former railroad bed and another 1/4 mile through honeysuckle and brushy woods--rather than to access the lock via backyards as the professor did *shrugs* It was more fun doing it the hard way :-)

It was actually pretty cool to realize that aside from the prof and his students, I was one of probably a handful of people who have seen this lock over the past century :-) It doesn't look like much now but it is abandonment, abandonment to the extreme :-)

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