May 16th, 2005

Trip Like I Do by: october

Quick Question....

I'm at work and I only have the paint program that comes on the computer. I want to post some pictures of this weekend but they are too big if I don't crop them. I don't see a crop option on the program, is there a way to do it? I went into 'Image' then 'Stretch/Skew' and I think I can resize it there by adjusting the Stretch, but what percent should I take it down too so it will be a nice size to view? Help!? Thanks =)


Can anyone suggest abandoned houses/buildings in the New England (MA/RI/NH) area that are easy to get inside of?

I am a surrealist/figurative photographer looking for some new locations to shoot this summer. I need to be able to get a costumed model/props/and battery powered lighting inside so accessible doorways are a big plus, as well as somewhere that is safe to discreetly spend about an hour in.

(AIM: AshranaX)

if me asking here is not cool, i'm sorry and feel free to delete it