May 19th, 2005

Jon & I

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Today my friend and I once again visited HELL HOUSE (old St Mary's College) in Ellicott City, MD. WE have been up to the ol druined college but there were many building built into the hills so we wanted to walk around see what was down there...
hmm..rail road tracks and an old factory...

stairs leading to Hell House

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The end of the Madison Lenox

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I'm a bit too angery to type out something nice, so I'll just post the details and the main articles.

There is going to be a gathering on friday the 20th at 4:30pm out front of the ML in the Madison Ave. median. I urge anyone who can make it to detroit to try your hardest to get down there. Demolishion of the Madison Lenox was unexpectedly started Wednesday before it was halted by a court order. Historic District Commission had not approved demolition of this tructure and the status of this building was in the process of making its way through the courts before this unexpected event. Tomorrows gathering is to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and make it known that such actions are not acceptable.
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