May 23rd, 2005

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A little abandoned house in the town of Vancouver Washington

Hello and greetings one and all. I happened across this journal by chance and fell in love with it. Here I thought I was the only one who had an appreciative side for abandoned buildings. I thought I was one of those weirdos who always felt empathic towards empty buildings abandoned by whatever owner that decided it was time to split without a word or as much as a goodbye.

The house below is not even a block from my apartment, so I meandered down today and took a few pics. Sorry for the lack of cool photos, I'm not a very good photographer, that and I had my children with me, so I didn't dare get too close. I'll try and get inside sometime when I have someone to watch my boys and another adult with me so I can take better photos of the inside.

Pics were taken with a Olympus Camedia Digital Camera D-395. Not a bad little camera. :)

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That's all I have for now, thanks for letting me post and feel free to critique and give me some pointers for better photos.
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These are pictures of the xanadu: house of the future. It was abandoned in 1996.. I am sorry these pictures aren't very clear, it was late and I wasn't even expected to go inside. But here a link to a great website if you are interested in seeing better photos:
this place.. it really is a treasure amongst abandoned places!! :) I am so inspired to start urban exploration.. there are so many crazy abandoned themed places in orlando.

tree/fireplace/air conditioner
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even more San Haven

These are most of the rest of my pictures of the refectory at the San Haven TB Sanitorium in North Dakota. At first I was hoping "refectory" meant something cool like "place where they incinerate the bodies" but I looked it up and it actually means "place where meals are served." Oh well, its very pretty, especially inside, so click on the cut link and see the pretty colors :) Especially in the main room (my favorite of all the rooms I explored that day)

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