May 29th, 2005

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You know the drill, long time lurker, first time poster.
Nothing spectacular like abandoned hospitals or mansions.
Some abandoned farm buildings near the stables where I work

I took these from my car and across the road from the buildings - I just wasn't in the frame of mind to start climbing through barb wire fences to get close up shots *shrug*

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Berkley/Bay Area Adventures?

Hey everyone, I'm going to be in Berkley/the Bay area as of Tomorrow for the next month, any tips on cool sites to explore?

Or If anyone wants a partner in crime (so to speak, although I guess it's literal if you count trespassing) in exploration of any sort of abandoned structures/tunnels/whatnot in the bay area, drop me a line :).

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In the early 1800's, the village of Braun's Gulf (aka Mechanicsville) was a thriving little mill village in the town of Deerfield, north of Utica NY, along Reall's Creek. As the years passed, Utica grew substantially and by the end of the century, Braun's Gulf was no more. The only means of accessing the site is by hiking 4+ miles down a heavily forested ravine, so...*shrugs*...that's what I did today. I plan to return later on, perhaps in the fall, to explore the village site itself, but for now, here are some photos of what I found in the Deerfield Ravine.

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Lots of nature/wildlife photos in my own journal. Feel free to add me if you're interested :-)
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