May 31st, 2005


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Just a question - does anyone know of any good abandoned places in Florida, specifically in the Sarasota/Venice area? I'm looking for something that's fairly easy to get into and not too dangerous, if at all possible. It's so hard to find anything abandoned around here, considering how fast the area is growing. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.

I went around to a few old gas stations today, anyway...they're more interesting than I'd thought they would be. It might take some time before I can get the pictures on here, but at least you know I've got some real contribution coming in the future.

Borst Mine, Clinton NY

Clinton, NY, 9 miles south of Utica, is best known today for Hamilton College and a rich academic history. However, in the 19th century, Clinton was known as a source of hematite--iron ore--from two active mines. Today I found one of those mines, the Borst Mine. It has been abandoned for well over 70 years and up here, nature takes over rather quickly. I could not find a literal entrance into any of the shafts but signs of collapsed tunnels were everywhere, as were the foundations of various mine structures and heaps of iron ore fragments.

Once extracted, the ore was conveyed by horse & wagon to the nearby furnace in Franklin Springs, NY, and the resultant pig iron was shipped south on the Chenango Canal. I plan to have photos of the furnace and canal ruins tomorrow when I return since I already found Lock 19 of the canal :-)

I apologize in advance if this is not OK but I am posting the photos in two separate posts. I took a lot of photos and chose a decent sample for posting but this still ends up with quite a few and I figure this way it will be easier on those of us with dialup connections.

This series is of the ruins located to the east of the old mine road.

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