June 2nd, 2005



first off, i just deleted the post with silly font size, this may not make me popular but im not here for that, please respect other users, and remember, we are all here for a common reason, lets not start alienating each other with posts that just annoy each other or make each others friends pages go crazy.

are we all cool with that?

sorry for getting all moderator but ive noticed more and more posts of the 'any one know of any....' and less of photos, the photography on here by all users is superb, its one of the main reason we are here... so unless you REALLY cant find ANYWHERE what so ever can we calm down on those? im sure its putting others off too, usually its the most boring places outside that are the most intresting inside, so get out there with you eyes open and see what you can find, its better to be an innovator, a true explorer that may be the first person in there in years, then hitting the same places as everyone else, as then they stop being abandoned

sorry for being all moderator like i said, but it needed to be said.

easy now users and go careful out there