June 13th, 2005


question/seeking accomplice. :D

question: does anyone know of anything good in the chicagoland/western suburban area? i've been dying to do some exploring, but haven't been able to find anything decent except for some warehouses in bellwood (which i still have yet to get into).

seeking accomplice: and i'm looking for someone to go with me. my friends are cowards and won't set foot into anything decadent. i don't have a car (anymore), so my mode of transport is usually the train/walking. if interested, drop me a line on aim (anexiel) or comment.

edit: just so this isn't text-only :cough:
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First post.
I'm Pam. 15 years old. I live in a small town, no place to go. There are a few buildings i would like to find my way into but the areas surrounding are highly populated. I'm a slight scaredy cat and don't want to go exploring alone. It's highly lame not to be able to drive and see things, hm?
Anyways I'm off to explore a little building by a cemetary and a mill. I haven't sighted any "no trespassing" signs on it, so I think I'm all set. There is a basement door that has no lock on it and it opens. I opened it but it was dark, I didn't have a flashlight, I had no camera, and none of my friends would go in with me. I don't think i would like to enter abandoned basements in the dark. The only issue is a man who drives a truck frequents the area, maybe he has a job there? He caught us searching through his/someones truck and I think I would be recognized if seen again.
I've a few questions:
Locks, what do we do with them?
break? pick? give up?
Do you go alone or with friends?
Gaurd dog signs: What are the chances of gaurd dogs being in the buildings?
Any horror arrest/building collapse/attacked by hobos stories?
My personal suggestion:
Getting through doors in old buildings- Often there are older types of hinges that enable the door to be removed with simly a screw driver, if you don't want/cannot get through the lock.
feel free to tell me your life story or add me.

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