June 20th, 2005


Glenn Dale Hospital Revisited

I posted about my excursion to Glenn Dale Hospital earlier this month and had the pleasure of going back a second time. For those of you that missed to previous post, here is some background info: Glenn Dale Hospital is situated just north of Washington, DC in Glenn Dale/Lanham, Maryland on a little over 200 acres. The hospital was built in the 1930's in response to the tuberculosis outbreak that gripped the US at the time. Once the tuberculosis epidemic died out, the hospital was used to treat the terminally ill and eventually closed down in 1981. The property contains 23 buildings, the main buildings are the Adult Hospital and Children's Hospital, which are situated on opposite sides of the property which is split by Glenn Dale Rd. Many of the buildings are covered in asbestos which, from what I understand, is what keeps it from being demolished and the property used for houses. I have yet to explore the Adult Hospital, but have explored the Children's Hospital and seven or eight of the other buildings on the property. Hopefully this place will be around for a little while longer, but with the property values going up and fabricated houses growing in popularity around the area, it seems that it will soon fall prey to the fate of the surrounding forest.

The pictures below are from both of my excursions, but only represent about 10% of the photos I have taken. These are the ones that I had the time to resize and fix the lighting/contrast a little (I'm definately not a Photoshop pro). I hope you all enjoy them :) I tried to include a little bit of description with each photo, in hopes of giving you all a complete picture of what I saw while exploring.

This is pretty image-heavy, so dial-up beware.

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After a long day of work today, I decided to take a trip and started randomly driving.

I had no clue what I'd find.

Enter: Caldwell County, Texas.

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Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC W7
Resolution: 7.2 megapixel max - 5mp mode for these photos.

i'll only ask once. promise.

i don't usually do this.. actually i've never done this.. so please don't hate me. i'm planning an east coast road trip this summer and hoping it will work out and i need any info on danver's i can get. i'm going to a plethora of asylums, but i'll figure everything out about those on my own. but i know danvers, and i know how notorious it is, and blah blah blah. i would love it if any of you could/would offer me advice, hints, help, a story, etc. etc. i wasn't even going to visit danver's but i realize i can't go out there, drive right by it and not even try, but i'm going to be stealthy careful about this, and would greatly appreciate your help. e-mail: autumnfaerie4@hotmail.com

thanks in advance.

oh, and so this isn't a text-only post. haha.

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