June 27th, 2005

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we did it. we went there. Broadveiw Developmental Center.  (forgottenoh.com page)

saturday night, me jeff and bethany met up with nate, jeremy, sam and garrett and we drove there in 2 cars. there were 7 of us which is rediculous for exploring an abandoned building. but nate was all about it and assured us that it would be fine. him and jim had found a way in the night before. so we get there and we park our cars in the parking lot in the back. we could see the police station from where we were parked. we had to get out of our cars and run across this well lit field to get up to the building. so theres this massive group of people running full speed across a field. i cant believe no one saw us. we hopped the fence and then hid in the shadows in a courtyard area. garrett, sam, and nate pull them selves up on a first floor roof.. then a second.. and climb through on open window. they immediatly start taking pictures not realizing that the flashes on their camers are lighting up like 6 or 7 windows at a time. not a good idea. we got them to stop.. so they come down to the bottom level to try to find a way in for us. they started banging on a window trying to get it open and suddenly we spot someone coming across the feild right towards us. so me jeff bethany and jeremy are like "great.. we're busted".. we tried to hide in the shadows.. the other kids are still banging on the window trying to get it open.. and the guy climbs over the fence then we realized it was our friend jim. i had like 14 heart attacks. we told him we were going up there but he didnt tell us that he was going to come meet us there. the other kids got the window open and a few more people went it. me and bethany went back to the car cause we didnt feel like getting caught. they were in there for a little bit and took some pictures. so we all got away safe and we didnt get caught at all. this place is said to be impossible to get into.. especially with the police station sharing the same parking lot as it. we're definitly going back. 

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it was an amazing adventure.

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so i attempted for like 17 hours to try and post my pictures under an lj cut. but unfortunately, they kept getting deleted or something?

anyways. my friends and i decided to go exploring one day in the country outside of greensboro, nc. and this is what we found....

and several more. the polaroids that i took i posted onto my own lj. so click it to see the rest.!


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